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 In physical realism the physical world is real in itself while in quantum realism it is the output of quantum processing, i.e. virtual.
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see TenReasonWhyOurUniverseIsVirtual and TenConclusionsOfQuantumRealism or here for pdf version.
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Quantum Realism FAQ  
Reality Levels Emerge
This project aims to reverse engineer physics, to give a quantum processing basis for time, space, matter, charge, gravity, magnetism and spin. After over ten years the progress so far is:

  Chapter 1.The Physical World as a Virtual Reality (2017) Makes the case that the physical world could be a virtual reality based on the facts of physics, and outlines a scientific method to reverse engineer physical reality Old versions are at:  arXiv 2011 version  Academia 2014 link

  Chapter 2. Simulating Space and Time (2017) Develops a model of time and space as quantum processing outputs. Old versions:  arXiv 2011 version.  Academia 2014 link

  Chapter 3. The Light of Existence (2017) Explains the strange properties of  light in processing terms, like  the two-slit experiment and how it chooses a path after it arrives. Old versions arXiv 2011 version. Academia 2014 link 

  Chapter 4. The Matter Glitch: An Alternative to the Standard Model (2017)  Explains the particles of the standard model as photon wave structures and makes the testable prediction that matter evolved when light collided. Old version: Academia 2014 link

  Chapter 5. Matter Teleports. (2017) Applies the quantum processing model to special and general relativity, to explain how gravity, electric and magnetic fields move matter. Contains a  Glossary of all the terms used so far.

  Chapter 6. The Ego Illusion. Applies current psychology and neuro-psychology to the question of whether we have an "I". TODO

          Chapter 7. What is Reality? What support does quantum realism have in philosophy, religion and other works? TODO
brief introduction is given here: What is Reality? (Version2)
          Appendix 1. Quantum Realism FAQ Common questions about this theory

          Appendix 2. FQXi Essay, Exploring the virtual reality conjecture, This 2010 essay was awarded a Fourth Prize. The ensuing discussion is also there.
          Published as: Whitworth, B., 2011, The Virtual Reality Conjecture, Prespacetime Journal, Vol 2, No 9, p1404-1433. Includes an Annex of the online discussion that followed

           Appendix 3. PodcastImagining our world as a virtual reality, A 2008 interview with Jeff Young of The Chronicle of Higher Education.
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 Jan 21 2008, Computerworld Interview,  Article pdf.... http://brianwhitworth.com/jan212008-computerworld.pdf  Text only 

  Jan 25 2008 Earthfiles Interview Linda used my ideas, wrote them up, then locked up the result as her own "members only" property that even I cant access.